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We “Baydardar Company” began manufacturing hunting rifles at the end of 1983 to gain momentum in the production industry of our country. Between 1983 and 1987, our company is engaged in production of rifles like double and superpose ; between 1987 and 1993 our company increased its production capacity by manufacturing rifle spare parts Turkey in general and especially for the leading companies in the sector such as Sarsılmaz, Huğlu, Üzümlü.

In 1993 with the government permits in production of automatic rifles in Turkey, our company filled the void with years' experience and expertise in the industry by making connections across the country by maintaining 15 thousand automatic rifle bodies in the industry until 1997.In 1997, with the demands of the textile factories we took manufacturing textile machinery spare parts in our product portfolio; we have been manufacturing 1300 different spare parts in 7 different weaving machine.

Now we have begun to manufacture Cutting Tool Holder System which we have to use while maufacturing the spare parts in our factory.Until 2009 we have been increasing our manufacturing capacity continuously and now we have more than 2650 different tool holders in our production line.We are proud for the name of our company to offer quality with affordable prices to our valuable customers who are always deserving the most.

To be a company which recognise sustainable development as a road map to us to meet the demands of our clients with environmentally sensitive with minimal cost.

With the philosophy of total quality; serve the World Industrial Estate reliable and high quality products. Understand exactly what the clients requests and needs; provide the development and effectiveness of our quality management system to increase our competitiveness in domestic and international market; to continuous development ensure the training and participation of all employees; improve the products quality and reduce the costs. Follow the technological developments in our industry and implement these developments in all areas.

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